Behind Mind and Heart

At Norla we are driven by our principle “Mind and Heart”, we are passionate about our work and enjoy the challenge of finding a good fit to the post in question. It’s our mission to find the right candidate for your vacancy and to help candidates find the best roles matching their talents, therefore provide mutually advantageous partnerships.


Not only are we dedicated to our employee’s professional growth and success, we also want to maintain a familiar sense throughout the company. Because we believe in working with happy employees.


Dedicated to professional success. Our ambition lies with our most important assets – our people. Education and knowledge transfer on latest technology, accounting and regulations are a must.


Service-Minded. We offer our customers a range of different competences gathered under one roof, with experience in the IT Infrastructure and Management sector.


Multicultural Environment. Diversity and inclusion are crucial aspects in our company – our employees come from different backgrounds. We encourage our employees to grow professionally and broaden their horizon.

Maria Savci

Passionate about employees professional development, dedicated to customer satisfaction and a believer in people’s potential to accomplish great things!



Patricia Giner

“I really love working with people, learning from them and bringing the best out of them. I believe that personal development, constant improvement and clear communication are key for personal and professional success.”



Thomas Triangeli

“Love meeting new people and learning about how they can be part of our team, passionate about a cultural exchange and skills development.”





Jacqueline Leuenberger

”Truly enjoy being of service to the company and staff, overseeing day-to-day operations and staying ahead of changes.”