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Norla was founded 2011 and is based in Stockholm and offers its customers a variety of competences gathered under one roof, all with long experience in IT Staffing, Management Consultants and IT Solutions. Diversity and inclusion are crucial aspects in our company – our employees come from different backgrounds and the age distribution is between 24 years up to 60+.


Customer presence, personal relationships and flexibility give Norla the opportunity to offer the best IT solutions to our customers.


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IT Staffing
Technical Engineer
Tester and Quality Assurance
Frontend Developer
Backend Developer
Full stack Developer
Software Developer
Management Consultants
Technical Coordinator
Business Developer
Kanban Master
Agile Coach
Project Leader
Business Analyst
Asset Management
Documentation Scrum Master
Development Manager
Project Manager
Assistant Manager
IT Solution
Consultant Portal
Front End Designing
Employee Management Portal
Website Building
Application Development
IT Support

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